Title right - A London Routemaster in Preservation

RM254 title header - leftGEOFF RIXON
Geoff Rixon holds a cup presented to RM254 at the Southsea Transport Extravaganza

It is with much regret that I must report the passing, just a few days before Christmas 2013, of Geoff Rixon.

Geoff WAS RM254. It was his pride and joy, which could be clearly seen upon his arrival at a venue. He would instantly be out with a duster, giving the vehicle a good polish!

I first met Geoff in 1985, at a London Transport Open Day at Chiswick Works. I was tapped on the shoulder by an old school pal, who recognised me. He was part of the group that had purchased RM254, not long before, from London Transport at Norbiton garage. I was introduced to Geoff and was immediately sucked in by his enthusiasm for all things bus/tram/trolleybus and railway. He seemd to know almost everything about anything related to public transport.

Geoff had a vast collection of photographs, dating back to the 1940’s - Slides  and prints - and many of his pictures appeared in transport magazines and publications. Following a request from a magazine, he would know exactly what was needed, and where to find it. Many times I encouraged him to catalogue his collection on some sort of computer, making it easily searchable, but technology of that sort never interested Geoff. He did use a digital still camera in later years.

If Geoff  was at a rally, not far away would be his wife Selina, at the sales stand, selling prints and videos to raise money to keep the bus in tip-top condition. To Selina and sons Nigel and Graham, and their families, I send my love.

Geoff leaves many happy memories.

Alan Stokes (RM254@aspal.co.uk)    

December 2013